The World in my Words – A New Look

Where it All Began

The World in my Words began on the 2nd of September 2017. I had something to say and I didn’t have the patience to wait. I created a new look for The World in my Words in an hour which had existed for a few years unused and I published my first piece.

Since then The World in my Words has stayed the same and I have been finding my feet and my voice within the disability community as a advocate and a blogger.

My Goals

My aim with blogging has been and will always be about giving our community a voice, being the person and support I needed multiple times during my life. As well as educating others on disability.

As I have grown, my writing improved and my goals grown I knew it was time that The World in my Words got an upgrade too; and I hope you love the new look as much as I do!

Accepting My Reality

When chronically ill we have to be ready to accept that plans change, we have to learn that we can’t do it all and although most of us hold ourselves to the highest expectations the only person enforcing that on us is in fact ourselves.  I make this mistake all to often. However, the new look is not the only change I am making.

I endeavour to post regular content but at a pace that works for me, not one I think I should make. I aim to be less afraid of tackling the topics most important to me because I don’t want to get it wrong.

The Future of The World in my Words

I want to discuss how dehumanising the Personal Independence Payment process is, in fact how poorly all disability benefits work. I want to discuss the way in which the DWP believe they can bully the disabled community, a vulnerable community. A community that relies on their support.

I will scream until I’m blue in the face and we are heard the next time someone tells us that our lives are not worth the plastic we need to survive.

Let’s talk about the lack of care and support for disabled adults and how past the age of 17 we are left with little support and direction in our healthcare because the funding isn’t there.

Let me tell you why we should all care about the needs of others. Why as a wheelchair user, I still believe I should understand what accessibility means to someone with different needs to my own. Wheelchair user, visually impaired, autistic, hearing impaired or abled we should understand one an-others needs at the very least respect them and support each other as a community.

I hope you love the new look for The World in my Words. As always I love hearing from my readers and you can find my other social media platforms in the social section above.

I would love to know, what topics would you like me to cover?

As always I hope you’re all having as good a day as possible!

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