Welcome to The World in My Words!


Hi, I’m Holly. I am 22 years old and I live in Cardiff with my Partner James. I am a ambulatory wheelchair user, a UK Disability Blogger and Advocate. I also live with multiple chronic conditions.


Chronic Life is unpredictable and often a very delicate balancing act but wherever possible you will find me out and about, often making my wheelchair very muddy!

The World in My Words began in 2017 after a deterioration in my health that lead to me leaving my job and working life.

I needed a space to process what I was going through as well as creative outlet.


I ‘became sick’ when I was 9 years old and since the age of 10 I have wanted to create a blog. I used to write about my feelings and my conditions on my computer but I never did anything with them until 2017 when I turned 19.

I am hugely passionate about equality for Disabled People. Accessibility, Ableism, the Straw Ban, Invisible Illness, Disability Benefits and Ending the Awkward abled people often have around a disabled person.

I believe we all work best as a community that supports each other. If The World in My Words or my other social media channels can help even one person feel less alone or better educated on disability I know my efforts have been worth it. Although equality for Disabled People will be a life long battle. I aim to be and provide whatever it was I needed at different times in my life for others.


I am proud to be an AccessAble Champion and to work alongside such a wonderful company aiming to improve access information for Disabled People.

I have worked with BBC Wales and the BBC on pre-recorded interviews, live tv interviews and radio on a number of topics including accessible shopping, the straw ban and disability benefits. I have also written for the Scope Community on Sex and Relationships.

If you would like to follow my messy chronic life you can find me on Instagram and Twitter and other social media channels.

I hope you’re having as good a day as possible!