I Tried Pilates & It Didn’t Cure Me

*Disclaimer* I am not a health care professional or fitness instructor. This post discusses my experiences and how I personally feel. This should not be used as treatment or health advice.  First up let me just say I am not naïve enough to genuinely think Pilates would cure me. I didn’t start Pilates to be cured or as an experiment however, during the time I … Continue reading I Tried Pilates & It Didn’t Cure Me

My New Pain Management Plan

Back in June I saw my new Pain Management Consultant(s). I have to say I was extremely worried before this appointment as I didn’t really know what to ask for anymore especially after a very unsuccessful appointment in my previous hospital. I went in with no expectations and I left with more than I was expecting. I will try my best to write out my … Continue reading My New Pain Management Plan