Why I Add Alt Text/Image Descriptions to My Posts

I’ve been asked by a few people lately why I add an image description to the bottom of my Instagram posts. So I thought I would answer that question today. I didn’t fully understand Alt Text/Image Descriptions (ID) until about a year ago and it wasn’t until more recently that I knew how they worked or how to add them to my social media/blog. What … Continue reading Why I Add Alt Text/Image Descriptions to My Posts

An Intro to AccessAble

*A quick disclaimer before we get started. I am an AccessAble Champion however, any thoughts/opinions in this post are entirely my own. I haven’t been paid or asked to do this in anyway. I am genuinely a big fan of the work AccessAble do and anything that can help make disabled life a little easier I believe we should share with each other.* Who are AccessAble … Continue reading An Intro to AccessAble

Accessibility to Retail Shops – Purple Tuesday

What is Purple Tuesday? Purple Tuesday is a UK accessible shopping day to recognise and raise awareness of the needs of disabled consumers with the aim to promote inclusive shopping. Purple Tuesday takes place Tuesday 13th November 2018 i.e. Today! Purple Tuesday is Coordinated by the UK disability charity ‘Purple’ and is endorsed by the Department of Work and Pensions. Purple Tuesday is also supported … Continue reading Accessibility to Retail Shops – Purple Tuesday

My Goal for Independence.

Due to the support I have received I will assume that my regular viewers are all aware that I am currently fundraising for a Power Assist Add On for my wheelchair. The Alber E-Fix 35 (You can find out more about this piece of equipment here). I thought I should take some time to explain why raising the money for this amazing piece of equipment … Continue reading My Goal for Independence.

How Apple ‘Accessibility Settings’ have Helped Me

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Spoonies. Although this may not be a traditional introduction to a new blog I have decided to go ahead and write this anyway – after all if what I intend to write about doesn’t ‘stick to the rules’ why should I? I have always been aware of the ‘Accessibility’ settings on Apple products particularly the iPhone however, I have … Continue reading How Apple ‘Accessibility Settings’ have Helped Me