I have PoTS – Cardiology Update

The big cardiology appointment. I was expecting to write one of two posts. One would be me celebrating a diagnosis, we finally had a name for the symptoms and the months of feeling so poorly. The second would be me yelling PLOT TWIST as something completely new and random popped up. What I am going to write is neither. I have a diagnosis, in fact … Continue reading I have PoTS – Cardiology Update

Up at The O2 Wheelchair Review & How it Works

Up at The O2 Review Since James and I started dating we’ve really enjoyed purchasing an experience for one another for a Birthday or Christmas gift. So far we’ve done Go Ape, London Theatre and Gigs. I love doing this as these are things we may otherwise not spend our money on. These are things we can do together. In our unconventional busy life having … Continue reading Up at The O2 Wheelchair Review & How it Works

My Gastroscopy Experience – What is a Gastroscopy?

Last Saturday I had a Gastroscopy. Yes, on a Saturday! That possibly felt the most unfair of all of it. What is a Gastroscopy? For a Gastroscopy they used something called a Gastroscope which has a camera attached to look at the inside of the food pipe, the stomach and the first part of the intestine (duodenum). Doing this allows them to diagnose some conditions … Continue reading My Gastroscopy Experience – What is a Gastroscopy?

Things to Know About M.E./CFS

May is M.E./CFS Awareness Month and I had been planning to write at least one but hopefully three blog posts as well as many Instagram posts. However, ironically I have been too fatigued to do so. I have been sat here for at least a week trying to give you the facts and figures to raise awareness for M.E./CFS. Although facts and figures are important … Continue reading Things to Know About M.E./CFS

A pictures of a white bed sheet with a thin black lanyard on top with a piece of card attached, the a blue border. The card reads Naidex, Miss Holly Greader, Disability Blogger, The World in My Words. It also has a barcode underneath.

Naidex 2019

Naidex 2019 What is Naidex?  Naidex is a trade, professional and public event which is dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and lifestyle of people with a disability or impairment. Which has now been running for 45 years and is Europe’s most established trade, professional and public event for care and rehabilitation for disability and impairment. Naidex is held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham … Continue reading Naidex 2019

An Intro to AccessAble

*A quick disclaimer before we get started. I am an AccessAble Champion however, any thoughts/opinions in this post are entirely my own. I haven’t been paid or asked to do this in anyway. I am genuinely a big fan of the work AccessAble do and anything that can help make disabled life a little easier I believe we should share with each other.* Who are AccessAble … Continue reading An Intro to AccessAble

Does Helping Me Make You Feel Good?

As someone with a disability,  previous crutches user, walking stick user and now a wheelchair user I can tell you that the offers of help I get or have had when out and about are a little like marmite. People either really go for it or they stay well clear. Quite often people will offer to help me with a door, reaching for my bag … Continue reading Does Helping Me Make You Feel Good?

Accessibility to Retail Shops – Purple Tuesday

What is Purple Tuesday? Purple Tuesday is a UK accessible shopping day to recognise and raise awareness of the needs of disabled consumers with the aim to promote inclusive shopping. Purple Tuesday takes place Tuesday 13th November 2018 i.e. Today! Purple Tuesday is Coordinated by the UK disability charity ‘Purple’ and is endorsed by the Department of Work and Pensions. Purple Tuesday is also supported … Continue reading Accessibility to Retail Shops – Purple Tuesday